Gamma – A Giant with a Sense of Humor

Gamma is a giant. At seven and a half feet tall, he is the most imposing figure you could ever imagine. Built like a cross between the Incredible Hulk and a grizzly bear, he can pick a grown man up with one hand, throw a tree trunk a hundred feet, or protect an infant from a blazing fire just by curling her up in his arms.

And we know that because he’s done it. Which is pretty good for a guy who’s only 20 years old.

Gamma, or Gregor, as he was born, is the product of genetic manipulation during his pubescent years, just seven years ago. He had the unnatural ability of being nearly impervious to physical damage. Although fire doesn’t permanently scar him, he has a great fear of it as it was the way he had watched his whole family die when he was a child in Russia. His metabolism is so strong that neither cold nor rain affect him. He wears the least amount of clothes that he can get away with.

Gamma doesn’t go down in public very often, as he attracts far too much attention. Instead, he spends his time on the Peregrine focusing on increasing his knowledge of the natural world… and practicing bad jokes. Puns are his favorite form of miscommunication. His hearty laugh and rye wit make him a centerpiece to the rest of the team. If Gamma has your back, you know you are safe.

Hit us up below with your favorite Gamma quotes from the show. Or, if you are really daring, maybe try your hand at some fan art of the Omega Contingent’s very own gentle giant.