Getting ready for Season 2

This has been an amazing past couple months for the cast and crew of the Omega Contingent steampunk audio drama. With thousands of downloads of our first season, we have really taken the time to up our game and make Season 2 even better!

At this point, however, we want to take a moment to thank our fans. You stuck with us through the “Ouch” phase at the beginning, as we worked out our technical and style bugs, and kept on listening. The numbers suggest you like the style of the last episodes in Season One, so we have really turned up the steam and geared Season Two to be even more satisfying than the Omega Rebellion 3-part program from Season One.

We have some new characters in Season Two. And some old characters aren’t quite what you thought they were.  We will keep you posted on the BIG NEWS we have coming soon, and when we do, we think you’ll be happy you were here from the beginning!

Time to get back to editing. And if you get a chance, please check out the Adventure Theater page on Patreon… maybe you can hear your name in an upcoming episode of The Omega Contingent!

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