Episode 8 | The Omega Rebellion – Part 3 | The Omega Contingent

Without Omicron, the crew experiences daunting new challenges… including an army of Shaolin monks sent to destroy Nu! But that’s just the beginning as the Peregrine is pirated and taken away on an adventure like none before… with the lives of everyone on Earth in the balance!

Did we mention there’s an airship battle? Don’t miss this amazing finale of the three part Omega Rebellion series.

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    • Oh my! Thanks for the heads up!

      Season Two is underway and we will be VERY careful to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

      Thanks for listening. Is there anything you’d like to hear more of in future episodes?

      • During the early 1870’s there was a cholera outbreak in New Orleans, LA. In 1873, a young man returned home to Smiljan, in the Croatian Military Frontier, and soon after contracted cholera. A certain alchemist would know the future importance of a certain Nikola Tesla and how to assist in his recovery, and wonder why a certain person might not want young Tesla to survive. Mrs. Tesla was reported to be quite handy with mechanical devices, perhaps her and her son could conjure a system to better regulate anti-therium?

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