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After the murder of his wife, Delbert McCormick sought the help of a stranger, a man who seemed to know where the killers would be meeting… and when.

But things weren’t quite as they appeared. Another man, a man in a waistcoat and tophat, along with his extraordinary associates, would befriend McCormick, taking him away from everything he knew in 1871 and into a world of technology and discoveries he could never have imagined. Soaring airships, instant communications, and people with powers and abilities that made Delbert’s uncanny skill with a crossbow pale in comparison.

In the end, Delbert McCormick must discover where his loyalties lie, who is true friends are, and decide if he is willing to give up his life for them.

Welcome to the Omega Contingent.

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Episode 1: The Death of Delbert McCormick

Episode 2: The Curse of Telipinu

Episode 3: The Origin of Superspecies

Episode 4: The Slave Traders of Zanzibar

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